Shine Your Light

A conjunction is about to occur, calling us to take action.

The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere arrives Sunday, June 20th and continues into the 21st.

“Solstice” is derived from the Latin term “solstitium;” “sol” meaning “sun” and “sistere” meaning “to stand still.”  In other words, “the standing still of the sun.”

This year, solstice coincides with the loosening of Covid restrictions, thus inviting us to exit the darkness and confinement from the cavern of Covid and resume our presence in the world.

Let us regard this event as an opportunity, both to stand still and to emerge, to present ourselves with consciousness and to radiate our inner light.

Below is a brief visualization/meditation you can use to enter stillness and emanate the energy of healing:

Sense into the warmth and light of the sun.  Allow it to permeate your BE-ing, feeling it soak into your head, coursing down into your brain, your heart, descending into the length of your body, lighting you up.

Allow the light to illuminate within and fall upon your inner shadow.  See the shadow parts, acknowledge and extend compassion to them.

Feel into your heart and emanate the energy of love.  Extend love and compassion to your internal shadows, feeling cleansing and clearing.

Allow your light, love and compassion to extend beyond your body to loved ones, connecting from your heartspace to theirs.

Extend light, love and compassion to mother Earth.  Connect from your heartspace to the core of the planet, the earth and water reaching into the atmosphere.

Extend light, love and compassion to the people of the planet.  Extend light, love and compassion to all of humanity including those cloaked in the shadows.

You are a source of love and light.  And just BE-ing that which you are, sharing that which you are provides healing.  Now is the time for illumination and emanation and inner and outer healing.

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

Hey, Benita here,

I provide spiritual mentorship to high-energy healers to trust their intuitive guidance system, embody their true essence, take their power, and manifest their soul’s passion. This process
is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my over 40 years of personal and professional experience as an intuitive energy healer, psychotherapist, art therapist, mindfulness instructor,
and Tantric yoga practitioner.

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