We Are Electromagnetic Creatures

We have abundant power to create the lives we want.

This fact was underscored by Dr. Joe Dispenza, whom I just saw for a weeklong training, and, he provided the science underlying this Truth. I am heartened and appreciative.

I’ve studied bilateral stimulation of the brain and brainwave entrainment and coherence via Hemi-Sync meditations and binaural beats.

I’ve also practiced heart wave coherence via trainings through the HeartMath Institute.

“Dr. Joe” brings both together. Not just the brain. Not just the heart. But, resonance within each and union of both.

When it comes to the brain, we transmit thoughts and intentions as electrical messages into the quantum field.

If you believe yourself unworthy or come from a lack-mentality, you invite lack and more situations in your life that will support your belief of unworthiness.

Joe Dispenza does not only promote changing your thoughts to change your life. He promotes the integration of thoughts, feelings and the embodiment of the experience, even though it has not yet happened; stepping into the future experience.

You may know this as what has been promoted by many, the law of attraction: to have an intention, to feel the feelings and sensory experiences it would bring into your life. For example, you want to travel to a Caribbean Island and so you have the intention, you experience feelings of calmness and freedom, you smell the salt air, hear the ocean waves, feel the cool breeze and warmth of the sun. And so you are calling your vision to you.

Joe Dispenza embraces all of these principles, though he kicks it up a notch by guiding us to actually enter/merge into the quantum field, to be the wave, to enter the void, become one with what I call the “alchemical urn of creativity”.

The heart is the seat of emotions and is magnetic. When complaining, we attract others at a similar vibration, feel connected and share in complaints, which perpetuates the complaints and keeps us stuck there.

Instead, we have the capacity to embody elevated emotions of the heart, such as gratitude, love, and joy, thus attracting other people and events at a similar vibe.

When intentions are paired with elevated emotions we are more powerful than ever imagined. We become the quantum field, are infinite and eternal and emit and receive information. We create and draw to ourselves the future.

I witnessed this with three people who all rose out of their wheelchairs, stepped into their future selves, like babies, literally took their first steps into their new lives.

Union of heart and mind allows for union with the quantum field; we are connected with everything and everyone and every place and every time. We need not adhere to the cause and effect laws of Newtonian science of matter and space. We enter into the infinite and eternal. We enter into union with Self, others and Source. We embody our God Selves and become the creators of our lives, our futures and our destiny.


Embody your God Self and attract the future you want

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

Hey, Benita here,

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