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You Have a Larger Calling

You’re high-energy and have helped hundreds. You know you’ve done good work and have had a tremendous impact on those you serve, yet you know there is more of you and more you’re being called to do.

But, there’s doubt, worry, fear. You’ve always been creative, driven, perfectionistic. What if you fail? What about the security and comfort of staying in the familiar and with the income you’ve achieved? Is it too big a risk? You question whether you’re willing to invest more time and energy into defining yourself and your work anew. You’re already too busy! Juggling work, family, friends, and trying to bring in solo time, quality time. Introducing “me time” is just one more thing. Adding anything to your plate feels incomprehensible. And so you persevere….

Help Yourself, Help Others


Yeah, helping others is in your DNA, but what about you?! You work hard, push yourself and do your best. You see yourself putting the pressure on. You hear yourself prescribing self care to others. And you know the disconnect between your walk and your talk…

And so, you “should on yourself.” Overwhelmed, you end up pushing even harder; the engine’s running, but the wheels keep spinning and ultimately you stall out, exhausted and spent. There are times you just want to give up, but then question, “Who would I be if not a helper?”

Loved ones tell you that you need to relax, you need to make time for yourself… and for them. They miss you. Stressed and preoccupied, you want to be more present, enjoy the moment, but your mind’s always thinking about the “gotta do” and you just don’t know how to “be.”

"A transformative force in my life"

Every single module in this course was uniquely powerful and rich with poignant information. The sychronicities, resonance, clarity, and evolution I experienced during FearlessHealers has completely changed the trajectory of my life – to one of worth, awareness, authenticity, and personal power.

– Emily P.
Jeweler & Mother


"I'm more loving of myself"

Benita provides sanctuary, which allowed me to safely approach that which had clogged my wellbeing and prevented my light from shining.

– Tina C., CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

"Benita is the real deal"

Benita not only understood my pain, but she was able to provide a continued understanding of distinctions that I may be able to articulate but still don’t feel in my “kishkas.” I’m so grateful for what she shared.

– Reuven G.
International Sales Manager

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