I was searching for someone who could help me salvage the GOOD parts of my life that I feared might slip away into the huge abyss of grief that I was dealing with. Right from the start, Benita’s kind presence gave me the space to face and sit with those hurt parts of myself and get to know them. I felt a sense of deep peace had returned to my life and those good parts that I wanted to save were flourishing. I feel I am a better leader, partner, daughter, and friend for having worked with Benita. Her influence continues to touch my life in positive ways. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to work with her. <3.

Amanda S.

Medicinal Plant Chemist, Product Developer, and Entrepreneur

I’ve known Benita for around 8 years. She’s been my spiritual and emotional guide since the first day I met her. I also had an IFS session with her a few years ago and it was life-changing for me. As time progressed over those 8 years, I could clearly see how her spirituality was such a big part of her life and how vibrant it was. Seeing and feeling that vibrancy in her over that time helped me discover mine. With some nurturing, it has now become a big part of my life! Thank you, Benita! I feel very lucky to have you as a friend!

Jack P.

Retired Ship Captain

Benita is as skillful as she is compassionate. Her warm, engaging guidance provides such a safe space to explore your internal system. She has such a keen understanding of IFS and parts, the spiritual realm, psychological insights, and worldly knowledge which she readily harnesses to help us connect to ourselves in such a deep, loving way. Benita has a wonderful sense of humor and is down to earth. She is not afraid to be real and uses wonderfully colorful language as she makes a point. I also appreciate how Benita can lean in and offer her own relevant, honest life experiences to enhance the therapeutic relationship as well as her willingness to be open, vulnerable and share in a most tender authentic exchange.

Karina W.

LCSW, IFS Level 1 Therapist

FearlessHealers has been instrumental in my development and growth as a more mindful and empathetic human.  I have gained new tools and language which has brought about deeper connection with my family and the people around me. I have learned to be intentional in the present moment with those I love, and to communicate with compassion and patience. I have a clearer understanding of the parts of me that influence my decisions and reactions. I have started to articulate my authentic role in this life and how I interact with the world around me.

These are just a few of many areas in which I have experienced fundamental shifts and growth. I am blessed to have gained an incredible friend and mentor in Benita Silver. This course is an expression of her life’s work. It has been an honor to take part and continue participating in FearlessHealers.

Luke P.

Business Owner

Benita helped me so much in understanding the different parts of myself and how to develop a better relationship with them. I feel more whole and have a lot more compassion with myself. I am able to create some space between myself and my parts and tune into what they are saying. As opposed to in the past, I would be dismissive. Now, I can relate to them.

Rucha B.

Life Coach

Benita has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of self-development. She walked me through the pitfalls and roadblocks on the journey of finding my lost parts and my higher self. Benita was a joy to work with, she is warm, sensitive and caring.

Thank you, Benita.

Siobhan R.


Talking with Benita completely shifted my perspective on an issue I was facing. From a place of self-judgment and deep regret, she helped me see the opportunity in the crisis. In her effusively loving, caring presence, I went from feeling sunk to feeling connected and restored. The weight was lifted. She helped me remember the inherent goodness in my humanity. Thank you, Benita! I consider you a deeply gifted healer.

Kevin S.

Sacred Intimate

Intuitive Readings

Benita has the unique gift of being able to listen deeply. When I speak with her, I not only feel the presence of a wise and kind heart but also of something bigger, an expansive timeless spirit. When she gave me a reading, I literally felt the presence of the quantum field as she listened. There was a profound resonance in every word she said, and it began with how she heard me, with every cell of her being.

Lisa Smartt

Book Coach and Bestselling Author

Benita’s intuitive reading was so spot on and opened my eyes to delightful new possibilities. I’ve revamped my staffing pattern from those insights and am very excited about how that makes worldwide expansion so much more achievable. Her Truth Transmissions are truly valuable, informed by her decades of therapeutic service.

Evalena Rose

Therapeutic Channel, MetaTherapist, Spiritual Mentor

I enjoyed and appreciated Benita’s depth of experience, insight, support, and leadership in a deep, pre-verbal content session. She is clearly well-rounded in her ability to hold space and guide you through your query. It was collaborative and I experienced resolution. I would highly recommend her services. Even her voice and presence are very comforting and engaging. Thank you.

Veruschka N

Mindset Management Coach

Spiritual Mentorship

Benita, Benita, thank you profoundly for your unwavering support. Your guidance has helped me confront my inner fears and begin this journey of self-discovery. I am deeply grateful for your presence in my life. Thank you for being my guiding light.

Bil S.

Data Scientist

Benita – Wow! I am in awe that someone exists like you! Your ability to create such powerful leadership through showing up as her caring, fun, heart-forward, authentic self! You are such an uplifting source of beautiful energy that inspires me to not only inspire others but also to keep letting my best self shine through unadulterated. You were a shining light in the container for us all. Peace and love!


Farmer and Cultivator of Consciousness

I’ve worked with many amazing coaches and healing practitioners over the years. Benita is one of them. I find her capacity for deep compassion, listening, and insight quickly cuts to the core of issues with skill, tenderness, and love. I’m grateful for her contribution to me and my journey.

David Salih

Tantric Yogi

FearlessHealers has been a transformative force in my life to say the least. The impact can be seen in every corner of my being – from how my partner and I communicate, to my relationship with my children, my ability to create goals and meet them, and my continued profound inner healing. The teachings were uniquely powerful and rich with poignant information. I looked forward to my weekly calls with Benita with such anticipation. Her incredible intuitive giftings and deep well of wisdom provided such strong and compassionate guidance.

The synchronicities, resonance, clarity, and evolution I experienced during our work together has completely changed the trajectory of my life – to one of worth, awareness, authenticity, and personal power. Although I didn’t want my time with Benita to come to an end (it was that good!), I feel I have been given the tools to go after my dreams and manifest the life I’ve always wanted. I cannot recommend Benita and FearlessHealers enough!

Emily P.

Jeweler and Mother

I reached out to Benita when I was feeling overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty prior to having a lumpectomy. She calmly, compassionately, and be-U-t-fully guided me to recognize an aspect of my Self that was contributing to the overwhelm and uncertainty.

Together, we unpacked the limiting belief that may have been contributing to the physical manifestation I was experiencing. So grateful for Benita’s guidance!

Pam S.

Jeweler and Mother

Benita is the real deal. I’ve been around the proverbial block. I’ve encountered many spiritual practitioners and psychotherapists.

I could simply sense by the manner in which she both responded and extended herself, she not only understood my pain/conflict but was able to provide a continued understanding of distinctions that I may be able to articulate but still don’t feel in my “kishkas” (innards).

I’m so grateful/thankful for what she shared and how energetically present she was.

Reuven G

International Sales Manager

Honor your parts. Step into your future.

When we understand and honor each of our parts, we free them to work cooperatively and bring us into the life that we truly want.