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In our work, we’re taught to help our clients and heal our patients, and we take our jobs seriously. The cultures within which we toil have bred us to focus on and serve others. We’re inundated with the challenges of long hours, low pay, adherence to regulatory bodies’ mandates and are swamped with administrivia and paperwork. Is it any wonder that we end up sacrificing ourselves?

As an innovator, a shaker and a mover, you know that in order to really have an impact, it begins with you. You can only guide others once you’re familiar with the terrain. You can only teach others that which you know. Yes, you’re the helper, yet you yearn for some help. Yes, you’re the expert, and you need not do it all yourself. Let me guide you to entrust your core inner directional system and rely upon the infinite and eternal support of the Universe in order to step into your greatness while helping those whom you serve.

Join Me and Revolutionize Your Life

I offer an online spiritual mentorship process that provides the guidance and support necessary for you to integrate intuition and practicality and actualize all that you are and all that you can offer to the world.

With proven practical teachings, quantum energy practices, spiritual transformation sessions plus accountability and ongoing support, you’ll develop an embodied core Self that accompanies you wherever you go: into transmuting anxiety, drive and perfectionism into peace, productivity and power; into clarity about your priorities, discernment about your choices and direction into your future; into appreciating the “holes within the whole of your being” and bringing all of you into relationships; into embracing the dialectic of work and home via presence; into healthy interchange with time and money; and into at-onement with your highest Self and higher power.

This cutting-edge process employs scientifically-based Quantum energy principles and practices that will enhance your connection with the Field’s intelligence, benevolence and support to fearlessly actualize your soul’s mission!

About FearlessHealers

Benita Silver, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, and Psychotherapist

For close to 40 years, I’ve helped people release cognitive, emotional and energetic blocks that prohibited their movement forward and their grounding in joy.  And, I’ve assisted them to reclaim their Truth, power and love of self to fearlessly present themselves in the world. Impact on Self, impacts others. Love of Self emanates as love of all. My work also incorporates many principles of Internal Family Systems and I am a Level 3 Certified IFS Provider.

Miracles unfold when we’re in alignment with our highest Self and entrust the Universe to back us up. This process is a culmination of decades of experience, expertise, teachings and embodied exercises and is presented as an innovative, exciting, comprehensive and integrative process that I offer to you. We cover all realms of our BEing: the cognitive, emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual, and active. You are the vehicle, you are the meditation. My vision for you is to manifest all that you are and greatly impact those in your life.  Our world needs us now more than ever.

My credo, “Do Whatever Works” is a guiding principle that runs throughout the process.  We’re in this together: I hear deeply your needs and fears, I support you along the way, I challenge your growth and encourage you as I walk beside you.  Dare to join me and become a FearlessHealer!

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