Witnessing the evolution of consciousness in my clients brings us both awe and inspiration
what I call “inspiriting”.

I’ve seen how negative self-perceptions create suffering.
And the dynamic persists despite the knowledge that these beliefs are self-damaging and self-defeating.

Not easy to overturn.

I worked with a young man who felt unfulfilled. He was unemployed and aimless.

He filled his days with managing the home in his wish to contribute and watching television to numb-out from “shoulding” on himself.

He was caught in this cycle of suffering.

Unable to see the big picture: that his suffering wanted to free him and to fill the void within with purpose, meaning and joy.

Out of desperation and fear he took a job though hated it.
It lasted only a few months.

Frustrated, he grew more despondent.
Suffering intensified.
Self-concept plummeted.

Again, his suffering beckoned him to gain fulfillment
and ultimately, he reached out for help.

We identified a burning ember, his desire to help the world become a better place.

He envisioned his dream: to offer a health product to the world.

He took baby steps toward achieving his vision
and began at an entry level position that got his foot in the door.

He worked hard.
Exceeded his duties.
Was dependable.
Avoided drama.
Proved himself.

Quickly, he was promoted and received a salary increase.

He began to supervise staff.

Again he was promoted to head a team.
Given a bonus and another raise.

And now he is 2nd in command
using his skills and passion to grow the company,
sharing his vision and loving his work.

Feeling fulfilled.

And not just in his career
but also in all relationships.

His courage to challenge himself to embody his vision
catapulted him into self-confidence.

He no longer sweats the small stuff
is less irritable
catches himself when going down the rabbit hole of negativity
brings presence, vitality and joy into his dealings with others.

This is the beautiful turn-around from unfulfilled to fulfilled.
And it’s f—king beautiful and inspiriting.

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

Hey, Benita here,

I provide spiritual mentorship to high-energy healers to trust their intuitive guidance system, embody their true essence, take their power, and manifest their soul’s passion. This process
is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my over 40 years of personal and professional experience as an intuitive energy healer, psychotherapist, art therapist, mindfulness instructor,
and Tantric yoga practitioner.

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