Be-ing with a Small Being

I just arrived home from visiting my son, daughter-in-law and baby granddaughter.

Each time I visit, I shift gears into “be-ing mode.”

It’s nearly impossible to tear my eyes away from Reese; I find her so engaging and delightful that I spend hours enraptured, watching her, holding her, talking with her, taking in her delicious scent and the softness of her skin.  We all do.

I marvel at how this little being, just in her be-ing consumes three adults’ attention.  And this has been the case since her birth eleven months ago.

Not only are babies a miracle of life, but they each come complete with their own unique personalities and evolve throughout the course of their lives, thus providing us with ample opportunity to witness their unfolding into who they are becoming.  They, like all of us, are truly awe inspiring.

Be-ing with this small being elicits our dropping into the moment.

She follows her curiosity and makes her needs known when she’s hungry or tired, needs a clean diaper or wants to be held.

She provides to us the opportunity to be with what is, to acknowledge what is needed and to take effective action.  And she expresses when her needs are met.  Communication complete.  Comfort achieved.

In contrast, I’m reminded that, so often, we create suffering when we resist what is present.  Both for ourselves and for others.

If my son, daughter-in-law and I were not aware of Reese or resisted her communications, she would become more frustrated, irritable and vocal.  And in turn, so would we, wishing for a different reality, wishing for her silence.  Though, wishing ain’t gonna make it so.

This little being serves as a teacher about how to approach life, to be with what is present.

I take instruction from her and now attempt to regard undesired situations as though they are sweet, defenseless, helpless things requiring my response.

It may seem inane to regard the shoelaces I’m fumbling with as a little baby in need of my attention, although this perception brings me levity and laughter, rather than frustration, irritability and distress, and allows me more freedom to flow throughout the day.

Thank you Reese, for showing me how to be.

If you feel called to shift gears and learn how to BE again...

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

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