ReIntroducing FearlessHealers

I’d like to introduce you to the updated face of FearlessHealers (FH) which reflects my process of coming out from the shadows and presenting myself to the world. I invite you to do the same.

For over 38 years, I’ve served folks as a psychotherapist and an art therapist, and as an intuitive and energy healer for over a decade. My work has always been to help people embody, love and share their most authentic selves and shine their light.

But, the kicker was that I thought I could do that while remaining comfortably behind closed doors.

When I recently saw the incongruence between my message and behavior, I had no choice but to walk my talk. So here I am presenting myself to you.

Two-and-a-half years ago, I began creating FearlessHealers, an online mentorship process for high-energy helpers and healers (i.e. those with anxiety) and it triggered in me everything that I help others with: doubt, overwhelm, fear and immobilization.

My “Mind” believed there was no higher purpose than bringing this work to more people who can greatly impact the world, and it thus prioritized work over self-care and relationships.

My “Tenacious Pit Bull” was determined to build the website and create videos, though I struggled with the process which brought even more suffering.

My inner “Perfectionist” wrote and rewrote emails over and over, striving for an ideal that was always just out of reach.

Yep, I’m intimately acquainted with anxiety. I have been all my life.

But I realized something. So have my clients. And for decades I’ve honed my practice to help them find successful processes to transform that anxiety. Our journeys together have always been poignant, transformative, and utterly inspiring to witness.

Why wasn’t I trusting myself to embark on that same journey? I knew it was time to change.

So now, at this turning point for FearlessHealers, I am following the very same path I illuminate for my clients every day. The path to drop into presence, connection, and trust in Self. I turned to the modalities and practices that I offer in FH and transmuted my pushing, perfectionism, fear and doubt into peace, productivity, confidence, and clarity.

The need to “Do it Myself” shifted and allowed me to seek support and finally outsource some of the most tedious parts of digital communication. I hired Emily, and together we have worked on reimagining the website, deploying emails and contending with social media, and this was big for me.

Emily handles what I regard as dreaded tasks with enthusiasm and ease. She provides wise counsel and challenges my growth. We brainstorm ideas, projects and new directions. I’m excited and impassioned. And I experience tremendous relief in knowing that I have support and that I don’t need to do it all. In fact, Emily and I are greater than the sum of our individual selves.

Her suggestions and support converged with my knowing that it was time to share my skills, wisdom and humanness with the world via video and a website that resonates with my message. Though terrified about “coming out,” my soul’s purpose exceeds my fear and presents me with a clear vision of who I am at this time. And I’m excited and humbled to share that vision with you, today.

My new logo speaks to me of the process that I’ve committed to and bring to others. The lotus represents us rising out of the muck of human experience, raising our heads to that ever-present Source of sustenance. And the sun shines the light within, and allows us to see and take responsibility for our shadow parts, embody self-love and then shine our light in the world being a source of inspiration and guidance for others. In this process, we experience transformation, beauty and rebirth.

As practitioners, we must provide more sustainable services. Sustainability begins with sustaining ourselves. Our work now is twofold: to unite, support and learn from one another, to become greater than the sum of our parts. And secondly, to align with our higher Self/Source so that we may transmute fear and anxiety into power and be a tremendous force in our own lives and on the planet.

I welcome you to join me for a complimentary Spiritual Strategy Session. We’ll dial in your vision, the obstacles you face, and how to bring your light forward, evolve consciousness and make a bigger impact in your life and upon humanity.

This week, I'm offering Helpers and Healers a special scholarship.

Valid through August 20th.

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

Hey, Benita here,

I provide spiritual mentorship to high-energy healers to trust their intuitive guidance system, embody their true essence, take their power, and manifest their soul’s passion. This process
is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my over 40 years of personal and professional experience as an intuitive energy healer, psychotherapist, art therapist, mindfulness instructor,
and Tantric yoga practitioner.

For more information on this transformative process, check out my Facebook page or send me a note.