Close Up Radio Spotlights Benita Silver of FearlessHealers

On September 13th, I’ll be interviewed on Close Up Radio with Doug Llewelyn. Here’s a bit about what we have planned for the show: 


Anxiety ranked as the #1 global mental health concern in 2017 and the numbers are skyrocketing with all the unknowns and fears regarding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Benita Silver provides spiritual mentorship for high-energy helpers and healers who are invested in transmuting the energy of anxiety – pushing, perfectionism, fear and doubt – into peace, productivity, confidence and clarity so they can live their vision, love their life and leave a legacy.

She states, “Anxiety takes up residence in our bodies and minds and can dominate our lives. We may spiral into a vortex of worry and fear, second-guessing ourselves and pushing ourselves into overwhelm, which often results in exhaustion, shut-down and immobilization.”

“The irony is that anxiety’s core purpose is to provide safety and direction into the future in its desire to help us actualize goals and dreams. Clearly, anxiety is calling for our attention and presents us with an opportunity to help it benefit, rather than overtake, us.”

“I love working with anxiety;” Benita says. “It’s a tremendous energy and I help folks direct it effectively, while discerning the truth of our human experience: We have power only within ourselves in the present; we can only be and do right now.” When we dial into the present, we can truly trust ourselves and the Universe and actualize our vision.”

In addition to her work as a spiritual mentor, Benita has provided psychotherapy and art therapy for over 38 years and intuitive readings and energy healing for over a decade. Benita says that her mentorship process is the culmination of her life’s work. “It represents the intersection of psychotherapy, spirituality, unified field (quantum field) theory and the embodiment of unconditional love and acceptance as a spiritual being living a human existence.”

“Why are you here? What is your vision? What is your soul’s purpose?” “My soul’s purpose is to foster growth and evolution both within myself and others,” says Benita. “When people love and accept themselves and embrace who they truly are, they can courageously express their truth and take action, thereby greatly impacting the planet and her people.” And her reason for working exclusively with helpers and healers? “We are needed now more than ever.”

Close Up Radio will feature Benita Silver in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on September 13th at 1pm EDT.

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If you're ready to learn to work WITH your anxiety and actualize your vision...

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

Hey, Benita here,

I provide spiritual mentorship to high-energy healers to trust their intuitive guidance system, embody their true essence, take their power, and manifest their soul’s passion. This process
is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my over 40 years of personal and professional experience as an intuitive energy healer, psychotherapist, art therapist, mindfulness instructor,
and Tantric yoga practitioner.

For more information on this transformative process, check out my Facebook page or send me a note.