Truth in Thoughts, Truth in Actions

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke of Discerning Truth, which involves being a Truth Seeker and is a huge step toward evolving our consciousness.

I’ve also spoken of experiencing congruence within:  having our thoughts, feelings and actions line up.  Saying what we feel and think, and acting in accordance with our inner experience and what we state. 

Thoughts and feelings = Statements = Actions.

Speaking is one step toward taking action, though it is not always sufficient.  Take for example the young son who wants candy in the grocery store and Mom says “No.  It’s too close to dinnertime.”  The boy whines, cries, and ultimately tantrums.  To shut him up, Mom angrily thrusts candy into her son’s hand.  Her statement of “No” = the action of “Yes,” thus demonstrating her inner incongruence and presenting a mixed message, one in which her son learns that her “No” is not acted upon.

Do we have the courage to not only discern Truth, but also to express it in words and follow through with actions?

Do we dare to trust sufficiently to present Truth despite the fact that it might be unpopular?  Do we have the courage to expose our differences and possibly incur conflict? 

One Truth about our lives:  We are only guaranteed to spend the entire duration of our life with one person: the self.  Others may part company, take divergent paths, or die.  And so, there is at least one person we can consistently rely upon: oneself. 

One of the biggest challenges we face is bringing self into relationship with others while caring for self and caring about others.

If we are true to our self, we live in integrity with our self.  We trust and love our self. We dare to BE  our self and to share our authentic self with others.

When it comes to the time that we depart this physical realm, we’ll take stock of our lives.  We’ll look at our relationships, our contributions and our regrets.  We’ll see where we held back or leaned in.  We’ll want to settle into a knowing that we did all we could to have a life worth living.  That we had an impact and benefitted the planet and the people. 

We’ll want comfort in transitioning into our next chapter, of having cleared our clutter and not drag baggage into our next destination.  We’ll likely want to apologize for any wrong doing, forgive ourselves and others and settle into a state of love. 

Yes, there is fear of living this life in complete integrity and exposing ourselves to judgment, conflict, blame and dislike.  But to what extent do we hear or feel the niggling of our soul encouraging us to break out of the imprisonment of fear?  To allow ourselves the liberty to accept and embrace ourselves with love and compassion.  The inner workings of the soul knows exactly what we need to face and what steps we need to take. 

So, we can thank fear for its attempt to keep us safe.  We can inform it that if it takes its feeling of fear into its lap and has a seat, then we won’t have fear to take steps into the unknown.  That, instead, we can approach the mystery with inspiration, excitement, a sense of adventure. 

Let’s use the start of this new year to more intimately relate with ourselves.  To recognize the obstacles to living a life of congruency and to committing to being more in integrity, thus allowing further integration. 

Wishing you blessings for 2022!

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Benita Silver

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