Discerning Truth in a Doubt-Filled World

We live in a world where information is at our fingertips, where we can Google any topic and it miraculously pops up on the computer.

Though we have access to infinite information, information is not necessarily Truth.  How do we discern Truth when beliefs and biases are promoted?  And how do we discern Truth within the crisis and chaos of the world today and amidst our own confusion, fear and doubt?

And, by the way, what the heck is Truth?


Personal Truth reflects our relationship with ourselves, who we are at our core.  What our interests are.  Our needs, desires, boundaries, mission.

Earthly Truth reflects our relationship with and the impact of cause and effect upon Nature and humankind.

Universal Truth reflects our relationship with Creation, all of that which is true beyond time and space, that has always been and always will be.  Truth within the micro and the macro, within each atom and the expanse of the Universe.

And, get this, we are at the center of our own Universe.  We are humans that reside on this beautiful planet, members of the family of humankind.  We also are infinite and eternal Souls.

So, how do we discern Truth amidst the insanity of our world?


Being a Truth-Seeker is not easy because we must first address our internal obstacles and clear our conduit in order to arrive at Truth.

The process starts with ourselves.

Admitting that we don’t know the answers.  Or, that we may be naive and blankly trust the status quo.  Or, that we may be skeptics who doubt what’s present.

We begin by acknowledging the Truth of ourselves as humans. This is who I’m aware myself to be (at least for now).  And in so doing, our internal parts feel soothed by our presence with and awareness of them.

The next step is to determine whether we are willing to invest time, focus and energy to dig for the information which can lead to Truth, and whether or not we’re open to research and consider all sides of the issues, not just the side we’re familiar with or partial to.

Lastly, we must then be prepared to come face-to-face with information we may not like, which may prompt a desire to disregard, discard or deny it.  Our work then is to return to those human protective aspects of ourselves.

When we attend to these parts of ourselves, they can give space for us to drop into our True Essence, our Soul-Self, where there is neutrality and an open curiosity.


When neutral, we open our conduit, our hearts and minds, to synthesize data. We have the capacity to observe, take in information, assimilate it and integrate it from an expansive perspective.  There is no dualistic thinking, right or wrong, good or bad.  Instead, we are served up information, reality, as though on a platter.

The key opens the locked box. Reality clicks together into the whole of consciousness.  We see the bigger picture.  The body experiences calm and expansion, the mind, an “aha.”  No matter how distasteful the Truth from our finite, subjective human perspective, we enter into the deep reservoir of the resonance of Truth.



Let us listen to the quiet niggling that prompts us into doubt.

Let us transmute doubt and confusion into action and seek Truth.

Let us be courageous to face reality, while being compassionate with ourselves.

Let us hold divergent perspectives within our Being and with others.

Let us embody Truth on every level: Personal, Earthly and Universal.

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Benita Silver

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