Fantasy and Reality

One day, I had three clients, all of whom began dating. They each spoke of finding themselves entranced within the realm of fantasy regarding potential partners.

They loved the excitement, hope, dreams, even sexual stimulation.

And why not?

With fantasy, there’s no fear; their dating companions became whomever and whatever these women dreamed possible. Future held the ideal. Who wouldn’t want to reside in this place where anything is possible?

This prompted within me a process of contemplation: what of our intentions, our goals, our visions, for work, home, abundance. Are they merely fantasies? Can they become reality?

What’s the difference between vision and fantasy? Where do the two converge? Where do they diverge? Can we straddle both and bring what is desired into our lives?

What came to me was fantasy can become reality when we maintain hope about the future, focus on the vision while being grounded in the present of what is. When we ground fantasy into reality. When we honor the future and the present.

With it, comes a continual flowing of attention: future to present, present to future. Fantasy to reality, reality to fantasy. Back and forth. Seeing both, recognizing both, accepting both.

In this process, discernment arises. Do the fantasies match up with the reality of what is present? Do we disregard red flags, preferring to reside in the “wished for”?

Is there discomfort, dissonance, denial of what is present? Is there a hyperfocus on the desire?

Whether regarding a potential partner or a goal, we can ask ourselves, “Is it achievable?” “Is it true for me?” “Does it work for me?”

Only when we arrive to the Truth of that which is desired and the reality of that which is unfolding, can we manifest our vision.

One woman recognized her denial of dissonance and her flight into fancy. She saw her truth that what she hoped for was not achievable in this relationship.

Another saw the confluence of her desire and that which was actually happening. She remained hopeful about the future and maintained grounding in the actuality of what was presented to her by the man’s behavior, her own thoughts, feelings and messages from her body.

Herein lies a practice for us all: to engage in that which presents itself outside and within. To see if outer and inner align, future and present align.

Hopes and dreams present the juice to actualize visions. Vision holds promise. The journey provides markers along the way as to whether to continue or to take a different route.

And whatever our direction, it’s all an adventure.

Happy travels, all!

If you're ready to bring fantasy into reality, future into present...

Benita Silver

Founder, FearlessHealers

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