Benita’s gift is her presence, her ability to tap into her love and light that allows me to do the same and reach into that place that is true, my Essence, my light. At the same time, there’s deep accountability that fosters forward movement. She provides sanctuary, which allowed me to safely approach and feel into that which had clogged my wellbeing and prevented my light from shining. She helped me tap into my abilities and reinforce my inner strength.

Benita is a wave, who helps others affect change in their lives so that they can further help others to affect change. As I vibrate at a higher frequency and become more authentically who I am, I’m more loving of myself, my family, even total strangers, and feel more connected with Source. Rather than struggling and self-deprivation, I’ve changed the overall paradigm of my life, of who I am, of my reason for my existence and to really shift into a much more harmonious, peaceful way of being.