FearlessHealers has been a transformative force in my life to say the least. The impact can be seen in every corner of my being – from how my partner and I communicate, to my relationship with my children, my ability to create goals and meet them, and my continued profound inner healing. The teachings were uniquely powerful and rich with poignant information. I looked forward to my weekly calls with Benita with such anticipation. Her incredible intuitive giftings and deep well of wisdom provided such strong and compassionate guidance.

The synchronicities, resonance, clarity, and evolution I experienced during our work together has completely changed the trajectory of my life – to one of worth, awareness, authenticity, and personal power. Although I didn’t want my time with Benita to come to an end (it was that good!), I feel I have been given the tools to go after my dreams and manifest the life I’ve always wanted. I cannot recommend Benita and FearlessHealers enough!