~ How do I access the program material?
Log in to the Fearless Healer website here:
This info will be provided to you via email on your start date of the program.

~ How do I schedule my 1:1 video calls?
Go to

~ How do I access my video calls?
Just before the call, check into the “waiting room” at

~ What if I need to cancel my call?
If you’ve scheduled a call and can’t make it, if at all possible, kindly give 24 hours notice and cancel on Calendly. If you have an emergency, you may call me at 828-333-7057.

~ What do I do if I need help?
~ First, watch the videos, make sure you have time and the opportunity to focus, and take notes.
~ Then, go to the FAQ section following the course module; many questions are answered there.
~ Then, you have the option to bring your questions or concerns to the call. But, if you’ve discerned that you’re really confused and can’t proceed and can’t wait until the call or you brought your concern/questions to the call but are still stumped then…
~ Lastly, if you’ve done all the above, and still need help email me at and I’ll do whatever I can to help.